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JMillerDuring the darkest days of Communism, my family and I were smuggling Christian materials to believers in the Underground Church.  Working behind the Iron Curtain was chaotic in the natural.  But in the supernatural, it was divinely ordered.  God sovereignly directed our steps and safely led us across each dangerous border crossing.

In a literal sense, God revealed our path as we followed Him step-by-step.  There were lessons to be learned from the tender heart of God as we followed Him with no other source of protection.

During the mid-1980's, it seemed like Communism was indomitable.  The true Church was locked under the darkness of political oppression.  The people with whom we worked were relegated to baptisms in the woods, holding clandestine church services, hiding Bibles in secret holes in their walls, and looking over their shoulders for informants or false believers sent by the government.

It was a bad time on the surface, but it was an amazing time for faith to grow in places only seen by the faithful.  The Church was hidden, yet it was pure.  In a way, this condition is the polar opposite of what we see in America.  From the giant mega-churches and countless denominational offerings, the Church seems to dot our landscape.  On the surface, it seems that Christianity has overtaken America.  But how often do we really see faith in action?  I want to encourage you to keep your spiritual eyes open in the days ahead.  Learn to walk by faith.  It is mandatory because I think many things are spiritually upside down in our land.  Yet I declare that Jesus is still Lord over my life and He is the only way we can see right side up.

I am reminded of a scary moment long ago.  I was traveling with my wife and our children to meetings with hidden believers across Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, & elsewhere.  As we neared the Romanian border with the materials we were smuggling, my oldest son believed he had heard from God.  Benjamin warned us to turn back.  He was convinced that border crossing would go wrong and we were in grave danger.  After much prayer, we agreed.  God gave us peace to turn back.  It was the only place this happened.  We were forced to scrap that mission into Romania.  I was devastated that the monster in power, Nicolae Ceausecu had won.

How sad, yet how foolish?  Just a few short years later, the dictator and his wife were executed, Romania was free, and believers were able to openly declare that Jesus is Lord!

I was turned back by God on that one day.  But we lived to serve another day.  As a result, our television programs now cover the entire former Soviet Union and throughout Eastern Europe in the mother tongue of the people we had no way of reaching---Ukrainians, Russians, and even weekly airings in Romanian.  Jesus is truly Lord beyond the power of
governments or dictators!  The lesson to be learned is simple.  Walk by faith, not by sight.  God knows the safe routes, the required detours, and well-timed delays.  I am a living testimony to that truth.

In late February 2012, I had the privilege of meeting with the man responsible for our national TV coverage across Romania.  I was invited to meet again with Brother Tudor Petan at his Board meeting at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention.

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