CrossTalk Guests

CrossTalk International often times has guests on the program from various ministries and with various testimonies.  These guests are often times compelling and have a rich testimony of God's work in their lives.  Over the course of the past couple decades, there have been dozens of just such guests.  While we cannot list all the various guests, some of them include:

  • Elaine Townsend  -  Widow of Cam Townsend who founded Wycliffe Bible Translators 
  • John Watters  -  Former Executive Director of Wycliffe Bible Translators
  • Bruce Smith  -  Former President and CEO of Wycliffe Associates
  • Dr. KP Yohannan  -  President and Founder of Gospel For Asia
  • Dr. John Cathcart  -  President and CEO of World Missionary Evangelism
  • Wayne Hilsden  -  Senior Pastor of King of Kings Community Jerusalem
  • Dan Bahat  -  Esteemed Archaelogist and Senior Lecturer at the Land of Israel Studies at Bar-Ilan University
  • Richard Shakarian  -  President of the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International
  • Dr. Paige Patterson  -  President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary & Former President of Southern Baptist Convention
  • Ronny Reich and Eli Shukron  -  Archaeologists of the Pool Of Siloam in Jerusalem
  • Ruth Graham  -  Daughter of Evangelist Billy Graham &  President of Ruth Graham and Friends

This list is just a few of the wonderful guests who have been on CrossTalk.  To read about some of our more recent guests, click the names to the right.

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