Randy Weiss, Ph.D.

Randy Weiss, Ph.D. of CrossTalk International (Founder, President) has over 40 years of experience in ministry, missions, and media outreach. He began his ministry in music in 1973 as a singer/ song-writer. This aspect of his ministry led to numerous occasions when he sang and testified at Nashville's Grand Ole Gospel Time on the famous Friday night Grand Ole Opry.

From 1974 until the Iron Curtain came down, he worked with the Underground Church in Communist lands. In addition to serving as a producer and smuggler of Christian materials to the persecuted church, Dr. Weiss has also numerous academic and ministry achievements. In 1994, he launched CrossTalk, the long-running weekly television program that is still in production and seen internationally. He serves as president, host, and executive producer of the program.

In 2004, Dr. Weiss founded CIMA--the CrossTalk International Ministry Alliance. CIMA shines a TV spotlight on other "Christian soldiers in the trenches." Wycliffe Bible Translators, Gospel For Asia, World Missionary Evangelism, and others have joined this alliance.

He also serves as host and executive producer of the highly acclaimed TV series, Today With God. The National Religious Broadcasters Association (NRB) has presented Dr. Weiss with the award for "The Best Television Teaching Program of the Year" to honor his efforts on Today With God.

Dr. Weiss is the Government Affairs Liaison for the NRB Television Committee and currently serves on the NRB Board of Directors. Randy is a founding member and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance.  He is also an experienced broadcaster and co-founder of the Low Power TV (LPTV) network Excellence In Christian Broadcasting (EICB).