Who Is Jesus?



Who is Jesus? Why do countless millions of his followers pray in the name of this man? Why have billions of people through the ages called upon his name to find lasting peace and eternal hope? Who is Jesus?

Do you know the story of his life? Have you heard about the miracles that he did? Do you know about his healing power? Yes, there is power in the name of Jesus. But there is more, so very, very much more.

Do you understand the new life that can be yours in Jesus? Have you been told about the wondrous freedom and deliverance that Jesus still provides for hurting people today? If so, the following message will serve to deepen your understanding about this man called Jesus. But if not, I mean if you do not know who Jesus is, or if you are unaware of what he offers to you right now, then it is my privilege to introduce you to Jesus, the Son of God.

To best tell his story, we need to look back long ago and far away to ancient Israel. For it is there, in the land of the Jews, that we learn about the promised Messiah of God. Yes, Jesus is the Messiah. He is the anointed one, the Christ. As I said, Jesus is the Son of God. And there is only one, true, Creator God of the universe. He is the Holy God of the Bible.

I know that there are many systems of beliefs and countless religions in the world , that---well they claim to represent various gods and goddesses. But please, do not be confused. I promise you, there is only one God in heaven. He is the creator of heaven and earth. And it is this holy God of the Bible who loves you. And he has proven his love by sending Jesus, God’s one and only Son. He was sent to save us from our sins. You will see important aspects about the life and teachings of Jesus re-enacted in this program.

This is a true story. Jesus was born into a common Jewish family 2,000 years ago. His parents were poor, working-class people in the land of Israel. But Jesus was far from common. He was unique. God sent Jesus into this world at the precise moment of his choosing. Things were very difficult for the common people of Israel. The Roman empire dominated them. Only limited freedoms were enjoyed by the citizens of ancient Israel. Violent, ruthless men like Herod were appointed by Rome to keep the peace, but in so doing, these brutal, self-serving leaders kept the people of the land under the thumb of Roman oppression.

The ministry of CrossTalk International has produced a series called Today With God featuring the theatrical released versions of the Gospel of John, the Gospel of Matthew, and the Acts of the Apostles. The introductory episode of this series is an hour long stand-alone documentary style program which asks and answers the question, “Who Is Jesus?”

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