Circle Of Chavarim


Circle of Chavarim

The word friends in Hebrew is chaverim. Friends are important to all of us and at CrossTalk International, our friends are the heartbeat of the ministry. Circle of Chaverim is our monthly giving program. Our “circle of friends” help CrossTalk International reach thousands of people each day.

If you’re like me, you enjoy a cup of premium coffee from the local coffee shop. For the price of two cups of coffee per week, you can help support a CrossTalk missionary, minister to a lost person through the Today with God program, or teach about our Jewish Savior through CrossTalk TV. That’s just $32 a month. And it gets better! We’ll send you a package of our very own CrossTalk Blend of coffee each month just to say thanks for helping the ministry. There’s even a story about the CrossTalk Blend we’ll be sharing with you each month.


Now is a great time to get involved with CrossTalk team if you have not already. For your convenience when joining the Circle of Chaverim, your monthly donation will be automatically deducted through our auto-pay program.


We hope that you will decide to join this special group of Chaverim!  Circle of Chaverim members are vital to our ministry. They enable us to help spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to men, women and children around the world. Please get involved today. If you have any further questions regarding this ministry, please feel free to call us at 1-800-688-3422. Thank you for your faithfulness that enables CrossTalk to broadcast the message of the saving grace of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Click here to join our Circle of Chaverim for $32 per month.

Click here to join our Circle of Chaverim for $384 per year.

With a monthly minimum donation of $62 to the ministry of CrossTalk International, you can join the CrossTalk Mishpacha. Mishpacha, pronounced mish-pa-KHA, means "family" in Hebrew. The CrossTalk Mishpacha program includes the CrossTalk Blend of the month delivered to your address and support for one of our missionaries. 

Click here to join our CrossTalk Mishpacha for $62 per month.

Click here to join our CrossTalk Mishpacha for $744 per year.