Leper Clinic

New Leper ClinicI have come to realize certain things that are prevalent in various parts of the world that I would not have otherwise known.  One such thing is the stark reality of leprosy that is present in the world.  Like many, I was not aware that leprosy is a very real problem today.  Perhaps you are like many people who thought it was simply a disease that was around during the Bible times.  It was, and it is still here today.  It is a life altering sickness that eats away at the flesh and keeps a person in a permanent state of bondage.  This is a very sad thing. 

One of the saddest things about leprosy is that it doesn’t have to end a persons life.  There are modern medicines that can stop the disease and even cure a person to the point of living a normal life.  Through our efforts with World Missionary Evangelism, the Lord showed us this need that was very prevalent within India.  After much prayer and seeking the Lord on what we should do and how we should be involved, we felt a clear direction to join with WME and fund the building of a brand new Leper Clinic in Bhubaneswar, India.  We spent time seeking the Lord on how to financially accomplish such an operation.  With great praise, we can say that God provided the necessary funds for the initial construction project of this facility.  Through the help of WME, the clinic was built and has been running a successful ministry ever since under the leadership of members of WME.

Once the clinic was built, we joined with WME in prayer to figure out how this clinic would now function each month.  Through much planning, it was determined that this clinic would meet the medical needs of the leper community through a physician and proper medicines.  It would also help the nourishment needs by providing clean water and food for those who were being blessed by the clinic.  In addition to the food and medical attention, the clinic helps to clothe those in need.  Lastly, and most importantly, the clinic administers the best help that anyone could ask for, the hope of Jesus Christ.leper clinic

The center opens every day at 10:00 am and provides service to the patients till around 5 pm.  To put it in basic terms, the people who come to the clinic with uncured wounds are being washed and cleansed. Ointment is then applied to the wounds, and they are bandaged. The patients are also provided with vitamins, mineral tablets and tonics. So far 5,837 patients have received medical help at the CrossTalk Leprosy Clinic. They must come several times to avail themselves of the facility because such wounds do not get cured permanently.  This allows for us to not only give regular medical attention but to also have regular opportunities to share the love of Christ and the hope of a Savior.

Will you join with me in praying for the CrossTalk Leprosy Clinic?  Will you pray about financially supporting all or part of just one month of this operation.  $500 will fund the entire operation for a complete month.  This includes all the medicine, all the food, all the labor, and any additional operational expenses of the clinic for the entire month.  I am confident that your involvement with such an operation will be the source of blessing on your life and family.

PS For every person that sponsors a complete month of the CrossTalk Leprosy Clinic, we will send out a certificate identifying your support of this fruitful ministry.