Carlos & Carlitos Alamino

Our CrossTalk International television outreach of Today With God is now being translated into Cuban Spanish by a Cuban national who is devoted to Christ.  When completed, this evangelistic television series will be spread throughout the land of Cuba to share the Gospel. 

The testimony of both this father and son are truly amazing.  Carlos Alamino has been doing pastoral ministry in Cuba since 1989.  In 1991, he started a youth outreach program called Youth With A Purpose as well as a Baptist Seminary.  Today, they are located in the central part of Cuba in a place called Camaway.  Their church is healthy and vibrant.  He also started a seminary which now maintains over 1,500 students across the island of Cuba and work with roughly 40 different denominations.  He is a powerful communicator and a man of God.

Carlitos Alamino has been heading up a worship band by the name of Adoradores Del Rey.  He is responsible for the Spanish language translation work and has a powerful testimony of being raised from the dead after a fatal car accident at the age of 12.