In Matthew 13, Jesus shares a parable about sowing seed on good ground where it can produce a crop that can yield 30, 60 and even 100 times the amount that was sown. As stewards of what God entrusts us with, we are responsible to sow into good ground that produces a good crop. In the business world, we call this a good ROI or return on investment.

I want to ask that you prayerfully consider making a good investment into the ministry outreach of CrossTalk International. The ROI is evidence that the Lord is doing some great things through this ministry.

Several years back, our supporters made it possible for us to build a brand new leprosy clinic in the heart of Orissa, India. Every single month, CrossTalk provides all the food and medicine for that ongoing clinic serving dozens of leper patients. ($500 every month)

Last year we took on the responsibility to provide food and housing for the children of those leper patients in an effort to help stop the ongoing spread on to their children. ($25 per child – 19 kids - $5,700 annually)

We have 20 different native missionaries that are on the ground throughout the 10/40 window, speaking the language of their people and evangelizing the lost as their full time occupation. Many of them have already planting new churches and moved on to plant new ones. ($30 per missionary – 20 - $7,200 annually)

Possibly our most fruitful outreach is that of Today With God. This is a television production that breaks down into bite-size chunks the dramatic reenactments of the Gospels of Matthew and John, and the Acts of the Apostles. We then work to translate these videos into the languages of the world so that the people of the world can see, hear, and understand the word of God in their own tongue. We are working with Wycliffe Bible Translators, Gospel For Asia, World Missionary Evangelism and Faith Comes By Hearing to have Today With God translated into over 800 different languages around the globe. ($10,000 for program production)

Cuba 318 of 600Just one example of our work of Today With God is what has taken place on the island of Cuba. We brought a team down to share a Sunday School and small group curriculum that accompanies Today With God. Within one year of that trip, through grass roots efforts, over 4,000 DVD’s have been spread around the island. Over 650 different churches covering more than 40 different denominations have asked and are using Today With God as a method to teach and evangelize – and we project an additional 500 churches will be added to that number in 2015. Over 1,700 seminary students from roughly 15 seminaries across the island are being taught how to utilize Today With God for evangelism and discipleship – and this is just one example of what God is doing through Today With God.  ($8,600 for Cuba)

This project is reaching the entire Arab speaking world in Arabic, the Russian speaking world in Russian, the Ukrainian, the Chinese, the Hindi and so many others.

We are needing support. Our annual missions budget is only reached through the generosity of viewers and supporters. Right now, we are needed to raise $11,000 for our leprosy outreach, $7,200 for our native missionaries, $8,600 for our Cuba outreach and money to complete the production of the next series of Today With God featuring the Gospel of Luke. Your generous monthly support or one time contribution will sow vital seeds on good ground, and reap a fruitful harvest. Thank you for your consideration to invest in the ministry outreach of CrossTalk International.


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